Creating the first impression with you.

Another Box is a family business with a specialization in customising packages and other recyclable products for marketing purposes.

All packages are produced with your customised dimensions and visual identity. Materials are chosen according to the intended use of the package. We have over 50 years of expertise in making product packages, gift packages, magnetic packages and mailing packages, etc.

We design and produce customized packages.

Feel free to design the package as you wish – all packages are made specifically for you. Dimensions are chosen to fit your needs, and you get to choose the visual identity of the package.


A visually impressive and structurally functional package stimulates people’s attention and is pleasant to use.

We will work together with you to design a package that fits the size and shape of your product. The package may be minimalistic, or we can print the whole surface if you wish.

  • Makes the brand stand out

    A well-designed package really highlights your product and increases awareness of your

  • Stimulates attention

    An interesting package creates a good first impression and influences your customers'
    decision to buy.

  • Protects the product

    Attractive appearance aside, the function of the package is to protect your product during

  • Tells about the product

    The package helps you to communicate about the product and its purposes. Use the package
    surface area for adding text and images that evoke interest on your product!

  • Pleasant user experience

    We will help you to design a functional, convenient-to-use package. The package should be
    easy to open and of suitable size to fit the product.

  • Leaves a memory trace

    A package with character is remembered and evokes mental images. A positive memory can
    influence future decisions to buy!