Another Box Oy

Here´s a photo of the crew that launched the Kansiopalvelu updating operation. The team decided to think outside of the box and use their creativity – hence the new company name, Another Box. It´s all in the name: our package business is now bigger than ever before.

First impressions matter. The package where you display your products may be someone´s first contact with your company – make it count.

A good package stimulates attention, impresses and is remembered. Another Box helps you create good first impressions.

Another Box is a family business operating in the Nordic Countries with a history of over 50 years, formerly known as Kansiopalvelu.

We offer personalised and impressive packages and other marketing products, customised with the visual identity of your choice. The package you place your product in or the paper bag you use to carry sends a message about your business. Our expertise helps you convey to your customers what makes your company or trademark unique.


Products customised to fit your individual needs.

All our products are made especially for your individual needs, because we want the finished product to display the spirit of your company and serve the exact purpose of your product. Our customers range from global corporations to small entrepreneurs, unions, associations and everything in between. Whatever the product or project, we strive to ensure that our products give you the best possible visibility.

Our company was founded by businessman Orvo Kiesi in 1967.

When he was in Paris, Orvo noticed a jeans covered folder at a local office-supply store. Enthusiastic about the charming product, he decided to start a workshop that printed folders. The folder business has thrived ever since, and has been accompanied by other products with new technologies. Today our main focus is on packages – hence the new company name, Another Box.