Other products

Other products

Promotional materials for various spaces and events

We offer a selection of products you can use for marketing your company in various promotional occasions. We customise all products with your company´s visual identity and the dimensions of your choosing. Branded products are a visible advertisement for your company at stores, events and customer visits.

Presentation folders

Presentation folders are versatile business folders, usually made of paperboard, for important documents. All products are tailor-made according to the customer´s wishes.


Notebooks are handy for recording work notes but also as company gifts to advertise your business. We customise the notebook according to your wishes and with the visual identity of your choosing.


At your store, display your material samples on hangers with clips that can hold products such as fabric samples in a neat and elegant way. Hangers with your company´s visual identity give your selection a well-finished appearance and make it easy for your customers
to explore the whole selection at a glance.

Pop-up marketing stands and shelf wobblers

Pop-up marketing stands and shelf wobblers with your company's logo increase the visibility of your brand at various spaces and events. At trade fairs, for example, pop-up stands are noticeable and evoke people´s attention towards you. Shelf wobblers catch people´s eyes effectively at stores.