Gift packages

Gift packages

A beautiful gift package puts a cherry on top of the gift.

Show appreciation to your customers via company gifts

We can give you the elegant and timeless gift packages you need – and you will be remembered.

We produce customised gift packages to fit any kind of gift.

The materials and size of the package are chosen depending on the product. Gift packages with your own print, magnetic closure or satin ribbon available from us!

  • Customised print

    You can choose your own visual identity to display on the package.

  • Size and shape

    We will work together with you to design a package that fits the size and shape of your product.

  • Materials

    All our packages are made of durable and eco-friendly cardboard.

  • Structure and interior

    The package structure and product embedding are always designed to fit the product.

  • Finishing

    If you wish, we can finish the package by covering it with laminate, foil or buckram cloth.

  • Recyclable

    We can make the package of 100% recyclable materials.

A gift package and its contents is a gesture of caring about the recipient.

Gift packages range from minimalistic to exquisitely beautiful, their appearance can slightly reveal the contents or mysteriously keep the recipient in suspense. Most gift packages are made of strong, luxurious recycled cardboard. Surprise your customers or staff with a company gift in a gift package displaying your company´s brand.