Mailing packages

Mailing packages

A good mailing package is simple and elegant, delivers products safely to their destination, and protects them on the way.

Send your products to the world in an eco-friendly, high-quality mailing package.

We produce customised mailing packages with the dimensions and print of your choosing.

Mailing packages are made of corrugated cardboard with the dimensions and print of your choosing. The finished package is unique and tailor-made to fit your needs, and thus it will separate you from other businesses and make you look unique.

  • Customised print

    You can choose your own visual identity to display on the package.

  • Size and shape

    We will work together with you to design a package that fits the size and shape of your product.

  • Materials

    All our packages are made of durable and eco-friendly cardboard.

  • Structure and interior

    The package structure and product embedding are always designed to fit the product.

  • Finishing

    If you wish, we can finish the package by covering it with laminate, foil or buckram cloth.

  • Recyclable

    We can make the package of 100% recyclable materials.

Eco-friendly mailing packages for any type of deliveries

Mailing packages are designed to endure any challenges posed by transport, for example in e-commerce deliveries, both domestically and abroad. In addition to standard-sized mailing packages, we can make your package any size to fit your needs. The durable package is made of mini corrugated cardboard and is strong enough to be re-used in future deliveries. A mailing package with your company logo strengthens your brand identity and increases trust on your company.