Make an ecologically sustainable choice to order recyclable packages made of recycled materials from Another Box. Towards a smaller carbon footprint, one step at a time!

Ever since Another Box was founded, it has been one of our main priorities to develop solutions that consume fewer natural resources during their life cycle.

Our aim is to produce long-lived products that can find many different uses during their life span. For example, a beautiful package can be used to store things, given away as a gift package, or one can invent other creative purposes for it.

  • Manufactured in the EU

    Our products are manufactured in Europe. This guarantees fast and secure deliveries as well
    as fair labour conditions.

  • Eco-friendly materials and recyclability

    Our products are manufactured mainly of recycled materials. The customer can choose a 100% eco-friendly and recyclable option.

  • Recyclability

    Our non-laminated paperboard products are recyclable, allowing re-use of the material.

  • Re-usable

    We encourage everyone to invent new purposes for our products after their initial use. For example, they can be used to store things, given away as gift packages, and much more!

  • Certification

    Paper, paperboard and cardboard materials have different certificates, the most well-known being the FSC. We use top-quality raw materials from Stora Enso, UPM and other Scandinavian manufacturers.

  • Adhesives

    We only use safe adhesive glues, enabling the production of children´s gaming products, for example. Our adhesives do not contain harmful substances.