High-quality paperboard and cardboard packages with your own visual identity. You decide
the packages that suits your need, and we help you to complete your demand.

We produce customised packages for marketing your brand and your product.

In Another Box, our strength is our vast expertise in choosing package materials and structures, and the material is always chosen to fit the intended use of the package.

Impressive appearance

A visually impressive package stimulates people´s attention and leaves a memory trace.

An impressive look increases your visibility and strengthens your brand. You can choose your own visual identity to display on the package. The package may be minimalistic, or we can print the whole surface as you wish.

Size and shape

We will work together with you to design a package that fits the size and shape of your product.

Carefully planned dimensions save space during transport and keep the product firmly in

Structure and interior

A structurally functional package protects the product and is pleasant to use.

The product can be embedded in the package by using a structure made of cellular plastic,
mini corrugated cardboard or paperboard. In the planning stage, we test the functionality of
the structures using the customer´s product or samples.

Materials and finishing

All our packages are made of eco-friendly cardboard.

If you wish, we can finish the package by covering it with laminate, foil or buckram cloth. Finishing gives the surface vitality and texture, and protects the package from denting.